Aqua+ Series Skin Enhancing Water Essence

Plumping skin with a lightweight moisture-replenishing water essence that maintain skin's optimal moisture to firm loose skin and restore a radiant-looking complexion.


Awards & Certificates:


  • Purifies and Balances
  • Hydrates and Smoothens 
  • Strengthen Skin's Barrier

Recommended Use

Daily Use
    1. Shake well before use. Apply morning and evening by soaking a cotton pad and smoothen over face and neck
    2. Avoid contact with eyes
    3. No need to rinse off

    Active Ingredients

    • Aquatide: Makes skin looks healthy and prevent skin from pollution and environment aggressors.
    • Salsphere™ Acne Relief: A nanotechnology with a sub-micron sphere delivery system that provides multiple benefits to the skin including powerful yet skin-friendly exfoliation, reduction of excess sebum and antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and skin reparative activity.
    • Biogenic SA-200: The encapsulated technology of Salicylic Acid (BHA) helps acne by exfoliating and prevent clog pores.
    • Collagen: Especially good at tissue repair and regeneration.

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